The pub in Kitano Hakumeicho is just right for drinking parties

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Kitano Hakumeicho's Izakaya & Omotesyusho has banquets, rental facilities and late hours available, as well as banquet courses and a homely atmosphere with a great night business reputation. The single menu, which specializes in creative cuisine, is also home-made, and trial and error iron plate dishes are very popular, and if combined with all-you-can-drink, the cost performance continues to be more convincing, and the high repeat continues.
It is a compact space that secures seating for up to 24 people, and a large iron plate spreads out on a single table in a shop where digging is a valuable sum of attractiveness, and drinking parties with friends etc. It's a shop that you can feel free to invite.

Premium okonomiyaki with homemade sauce at a pub in Kitano Hakumeicho

A time of bliss surrounding Teppanyaki in a Japanese style store


A nice combination of draft beer and okonomiyaki and monjayaki

Enjoy okonomiyaki and delicious sake at a Teppanyaki specialty store

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It is the latest information from the restaurant of Teppanyaki and delicious liquor of area No. 1

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A delicious teppanyaki restaurant a 5-minute walk from the nearest station of Gyofuku Electric Railway


Store name

Favorite restaurant Teppan

Street address

Kyoto Ward Kita Ward Ward General Shogun Kawabata 86-2

phone number
business hours

17:00 to 2:00

Regular holiday

Fixed holiday


横井 亮


Kitano Hakumeicho's izakaya's pub has a reputation for having a home-like atmosphere with a good night business, word-of-mouth food, and a plate menu specializing in creative cuisine and home-made iron plate dishes are popular, and all-you-can-drink and course dishes are convincing High repeat continues.
The reservation is a compact space of up to 24 people, with a table with a large iron plate and digging in one table, and is a shop based on the sum of charm, which is convenient for women's meetings and drinking parties.

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Teppan-yaki and Okonomiyaki if you enjoy in the tavern of Kitano Hakumeicho

Let's have a good time at a banquet surrounded by an iron plate at a pub in Kitano Hakumeicho

Okonomiyaki and Monjayaki Teppan dishes are popular in the station Chika's okonomiyaki, and the restaurant is well-regarded by the high voices of the area's No. 1 stores when it goes well with all-you-can-drink draft beer. There are also seats in the private rooms available for many occasions such as banquets and second parties, and they are used in various occasions such as women's meetings, welcome receptions, and joint parties. A Japanese-style modern door with a Kyoto-style round window is easy to enter in a stylish store stance marked by mark, and there is a digging seat provided with a sheet of iron plate per table, and it is a proud pride store for children.
Teppanyaki dishes have been acquired by owners themselves, including royal okonomiyaki and monjayaki, Kyoto local ingredients and seasonal seasonal ingredients are attracting attention for their ability to drop new menus and encounter flying birds every time they visit You It is possible to order at the Uber Eats, and it is also popular for students taking home. Speaking of Teppanyaki and Okonomiyaki, it is a good drink, and it has a great reputation for its excellent cost performance of menus that have reasonable eating, responding and drinking responses, as well as a variety of sake, shochu and high balls. Please taste it.

A special teppanyaki recommended by a pub in Kitano Hakumeicho

It's right from Nishi-Ohji Dori, which is Kyoto's Kamikyoku, and it's a favorite place in the station near the station, which is highly regarded, it's chosen for banquets and lenders. It is ideal for drinking parties with friends, women's meetings, joint parties, etc., it is fashionable and comfortable, and has a pleasant conversation, and it is appreciated as a relaxing shop that will only stay in a nagai. We can prepare from seat of half private room to table seat and counter, and one iron plate is provided in one, and it can be enjoyed without making a heart.
It is a notable shop where high repeat goes on when you can encounter new tastes as you go through creative dishes such as Teppanyaki that the owner himself handles, and it is a combination of royal roads if you choose draft beer in the banquet course and all-you-can-drink menu. We offer everything from original okonomiyaki and monjayaki with home-made sauce and sake from Kyoto's fifteenth store to shochu and highballs, as well as a variety of individual dishes. Reservations will be prioritized, so make reservations by using HP or phone, and we can accept inquiries only. If you can not come to the store, you will be registered at the Uber Eats, so you can use your home and take it home directly at the store. We look forward to serving you in Kyoto, which is tasteful every season.