Taverns around Kitano Hakumeicho Station are loved by people in the area

The pubs and okonomiyaki shops that are open in Kitano Hakumeicho are popular as hideout shops loved by local residents, and they are good shops with a homely atmosphere based on Japanese style. It is possible to come to the store on foot from the nearest station, and it is easy to understand from the fact that it is a roadside store, and it is open from late evening to late evening. It has been widely used.
It is a shop that you can enter easily, so please drop in if you want to enjoy delicious teppanyaki dishes and liquor.
Characteristics of your favorite restaurant

The Kitano Hakumeicho pub is open from late afternoon to late midnight

The teppanyaki restaurant is open at a location that is easily accessible from the nearest station and can be visited on a 5-minute walk. The restaurant has a digging seat that can be used for banquets, a counter seat that can be easily used by single guests, and a family We have prepared table seats etc. that are perfect for your dinner. We also offer an extensive drink menu, including sake, highballs, cocktails, and beer, and there is an all-you-can-drink course, so you can enjoy any combination depending on the food's compatibility and situations. A selection of consciences at Kyoto Tofu's okonomiyaki, specialty fluffy or grilled tofu salad, and a bowl full of chopped buckwheat noodles.
A variety of iron plate dishes such as Hiroshima style okonomiyaki and various types of oysters with a variety of ingredients and a good atmosphere at home, good food, plenty of liquor and a relaxing time after work and a wonderful time with important people Please use it as a shop to spend time.

We offer delicious teppan cuisine and sake at a pub in Kitano Hakumeicho

The Teppanyaki restaurant, which is accessible as a walk from the nearest station and accessible as a road shop, offers a choice of seafood and fresh vegetables, and a choice of teppanyaki dishes and a wide selection of toppings. You can enjoy the unlimited course. The original teppanyaki soft fluffy, which was conceived in pursuit of taste by the staff with skilled technology and abundant knowledge, is a dish of every topping. Yakisoba, Monjayaki and Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki have reasonable prices and a large number of toppings, which are well received by many customers, and you can enjoy the combination with a wide variety of liquors.
The counter seat, digging seat, and table seat are prepared, and the menu for women and women can enjoy, so it's ideal for dating and women's meetings. Please use the at-home good atmosphere shop as a place for a few drinks, a banquet and a second party.

Okonomiyaki is also original at Teppanyaki Tavern in Kitano Hakumeicho

The favorite restaurant's signboard menu is a thick, voluminous, popular Okonomiyaki with plenty of homemade sauce that has been baked for years. The best time for the owner is to enjoy the flower of the bonito dancing on the sauce with an appetite and having a fresh meal on the large iron plate in front of you. Monjayaki is also popular, and we will be able to offer you some advice on how to make the bank. There are many original single dishes, and the owner's new menu will be on display.
We also accept banquets and rentals and can accommodate up to 24 people. The banquet course menu and all-you-can-drink are also available and offered at reasonable prices, but if there is a customer's request, we will respond flexibly, so please make a reservation when making a reservation by phone or HP.

There is also sake from Kyoto at Teppanyaki Tavern in Kitano Hakumeicho

In a restaurant that is also a place of rest in the area, delicious sake is a combination that can not be removed if it says teppanyaki and okonomiyaki, and Kyoto's sake, shochu and highball are stocked. We also offer Chuhai, cocktails, fruit drinks and soft drinks for children who can not drink alcohol and children. Attentive service is kept in mind so that you can spend as much time as you can while spending your time in the evening with teppanyaki surrounding the digging.
You can choose from a combination of reasonably priced, responsive, and responsive menus, depending on the customer, so it is good to choose to surround your home dinner, and you can spend the day relaxing and good. We also offer courses for banquets and rentals, and you can enjoy a set of course dishes and an all-you-can-drink set, so please make a reservation.

The pub in Kitano Hakumeicho is just right for drinking parties

If you want to eat flour, go to your favorite place

Kitano Hakumeicho's Izakaya & Omotesyusho has banquets, rental facilities and late hours available, as well as banquet courses and a homely atmosphere with a great night business reputation. The single menu, which specializes in creative cuisine, is also home-made, and trial and error iron plate dishes are very popular, and if combined with all-you-can-drink, the cost performance continues to be more convincing, and the high repeat continues.
It is a compact space that secures seating for up to 24 people, and a large iron plate spreads out on one table with a large iron plate, and this shop is based on a sum of attractiveness, and a drinking party with friends etc. It is a shop that can be invited to