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Kitano Hakumeicho's izakaya, a favorite restaurant's taste, is the time when you can enjoy freshly baked on a large iron plate in front of you, and it's the most enjoyable moment for the shop side at the moment of teppanic bliss is.
There are many customers in various countries in Kyoto, and they are surprised by the sway of the bonito that is put on okonomiyaki in a uniform manner. When asked, "Is this alive," I was at a loss for a response and I felt that I was first aware of cultural differences. It is important to be able to exchange such exchanges in the shop, also in the happy side of the restaurant. Such findings and surprises are also posted on the blog.
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The Japanese-styled exterior is marked by wooden doors with round windows, and the favorite restaurant is open where Nishioji Road is located. We set up a good old-fashioned restaurant in modern Kyoto to create a familiar taste, and it is now possible to use Uber Eats, and it is a world where you can taste it at home.
You can use it for work after work or dinner at a convenient night business center shop at the station Chika. With a maximum seating capacity of 24 people, it can be used for lending and banquets, preparing diggings in a semi-private teppanic table seat, and it can be used by children with children without hesitation. The course dishes also include home-made salads of Teppan-yaki dishes such as salad, Teppan-yaki, Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba, Monjayaki, etc. Sake, shochu and highball etc. were selected to suit the meal. All-you-can-drink is attached, and it is best as a store where you can enjoy the whole menu at a reasonable price setting.