The Japanese-style pub in Kitano Hakumeicho also has a good reputation in local reviews

Kitano Hakumeicho Station A 5-minute walk from the station Chika Izakaya · Favorite restaurant is openly connected to the area from late in the evening to late in the evening, so you can relax and enjoy delicious dishes of sake and teppanyaki You can enjoy it. In addition to Teppanyaki, we also offer a wide variety of liquor, a wide variety of à la carte dishes and course dishes.
The menu dedicated to fresh ingredients has been well received by many customers, so please enjoy the original menu such as okonomiyaki and monjayaki by all means.

The tavern in Kitano Hakumeicho offers a wide variety of original menus

The Teppanyaki restaurant, which is in close contact with the area and is open from 17:00 in the evening until 2:00 the next day, offers delicious iron plate dishes and à la carte dishes of original menu, and liquor at conscience prices. You The dough used for Teppan-yaki is made in the shop original to pursue the taste, and we offer Teppan-yaki further enhanced in taste by baking it with a professional skill. Not only Teppanyaki but also sake, cocktails, chuhi, highball and other liquors and à la carte dishes are available, so you can enjoy it in various scenes such as anniversaries, wedding ceremonies and entertaining parties.
The restaurant serving delicious food and liquor, which is open at a convenient location 5 minutes' walk from the nearest station, has been well received by many customers. Please consider the use for various uses such as girl's society, group loan.

The pubs open in Kitano Hakumeicho are at home shops

The Teppanyaki restaurant, which is conveniently located at the station Chika, is open from the evening until the next midnight, and offers digging seats, table seats, and counter seats. , It is a shop that can be used without hesitation even at a date or a banquet. Mainly in pursuit of taste and carefully making dough and teppanyaki baked with various toppings on top, you can enjoy delicious dishes different from one another. Sake, cocktails, highballs and shochu are also available until late, so you can enjoy a delicious teppanyaki with liquor.
We offer dishes at conscience prices in at-home shops that are closely connected to the area, and à la carte dishes are well-received by many customers, including iron plate dishes such as monjayaki that can be baked with great care Please use it in various scenes.

Popular as a popular tavern in Kitano Hakumeicho

The pub and okonomiyaki Teppan located in Kitano Hakumeicho is a restaurant closely connected to the area that is open from the evening to the late night from the nearest station, and offers an all-you-can-drink course for delicious food We offer at a conscience price. We offer teppanyaki dishes along with many sakes such as sake, shochu and highball cocktails, and there are counter seats for small people, even singles and couples in the back of the shop, and a course for banquets. We can also offer it. A large variety of à la carte dishes are also available, and Kyoto Tofu Okonomiyaki is popular, and it is the usual way to eat the delicious fukafukayaki in a Japanese-style stockout, and it is a good choice for the owner.
The shop where you can enjoy your favorite teppanyaki has been well received by many customers, so please use it if you are looking for an excellent dish baked with the technology of your choice.

As for the pub of Kitano Hakumeicho, Keifuku Dentetsu Kitano Line is convenient and it is 5 minutes from the station

Kitano Hakumeicho's pub and okonomiyaki Teppan is conveniently located on the Keifuku Electric Railway Kitano Line, and the JR San-in Line Ayano Line (Kyoto, Sonobe) Marumachi Station is also the nearest station. It is easy to stop on the way home from work because it is close to the station and it is attractive that you can relax until the last train by the business until midnight. There is a banquet course and all-you-can-drink, which can be reserved for up to 24 people, but if there is a customer's request etc. we will respond flexibly on HP and by telephone.
Because there is plenty of Kyoto in the vicinity, you can use it for sightseeing and dining alone, and there are many teppanyaki menus and home-made sauce in Okonomiyaki / Monjayaki and delicious sake, which are well-received even for word-of-mouth communication. I would like to spend your time. We are looking forward to seeing you in the Nishi-Oji Dori area in the Kyoto-Kyogyo-ku area.

The pub in Kitano Hakumeicho is just right for drinking parties

If you want to eat flour, go to your favorite place

Kitano Hakumeicho's Izakaya & Omotesyusho has banquets, rental facilities and late hours available, as well as banquet courses and a homely atmosphere with a great night business reputation. The single menu, which specializes in creative cuisine, is also home-made, and trial and error iron plate dishes are very popular, and if combined with all-you-can-drink, the cost performance continues to be more convincing, and the high repeat continues.
It is a compact space that secures seating for up to 24 people, and a large iron plate spreads out on one table with a large iron plate, and this shop is based on a sum of attractiveness, and a drinking party with friends etc. It is a shop that can be invited to


A delicious teppanyaki restaurant a 5-minute walk from the nearest station of Gyofuku Electric Railway


Store name

Favorite restaurant Teppan

Street address

Kyoto Ward Kita Ward Ward General Shogun Kawabata 86-2

phone number
business hours

17:00 to 2:00

Regular holiday

Fixed holiday


横井 亮


Kitano Hakumeicho's izakaya's pub has a reputation for having a home-like atmosphere with a good night business, word-of-mouth food, and a plate menu specializing in creative cuisine and home-made iron plate dishes are popular, and all-you-can-drink and course dishes are convincing High repeat continues.
The reservation is a compact space of up to 24 people, with a table with a large iron plate and digging in one table, and is a shop based on the sum of charm, which is convenient for women's meetings and drinking parties.