Please use the popular tavern in Kitano Hakumeicho

At a pub within walking distance from Kitano Hakumeicho Station, you can enjoy the cuisine of the restaurant, which has been prepared with a wide range of knowledge and skill. The community-based hideaway shop is a blend of nature and chic atmosphere, and is well-received by local customers as it has a good at-home atmosphere.
An all-you-can-drink menu with Chuhai, highball, cocktails, sake, shochu, fruit liquor, soft drinks etc. is perfect for banquets and women's meetings, and iron plate dishes baked with craftsmen's skills are perfected If you come near, please stop by.

Kitano Hakumeicho's tavern offers teppanyaki dishes such as green onions

The at-home shop, which is open within a 5-minute walk from the nearest train station, offers delicious iron plate dishes and a la carte menu, and it is open from the evening to the next night, so don't worry about the time You can enjoy the food. There are table seats that can be used by multiple parties such as banquets, digging seats, and counter seats suitable for people and dating, so it is a shop where you can enjoy in various situations.
In addition to teppan delicacies, we also offer one-off dishes that are perfect for snacks such as Kuyishiya's cold tofu, caesar salad, and elligin bacon and plenty of Japanese-style omelette. The drink menu is rich in sake, high balls and cocktails, and can be enjoyed in combination with the original teppanyaki dishes. Please visit us in a bright atmosphere where you can drink while tasting delicious teppanyaki dishes.

There is a counter seat where you can unwind in the pub of Kitano Hakumeicho

A teppanyaki restaurant, open from the evening to the next night, is a convenient location that can be used on foot from the nearest station, and it includes delicious seafood as well as teppanyaki dishes such as Monjayaki and Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. As it offers one-piece dishes using fresh ingredients, it is a shop that has been well received by many customers regardless of the scene. We also offer counter seats that are perfect for use on a single person or date basis, and you can use the duvet seats and table seats for entertaining and important people and entertaining occasions, as well as for women's meetings.
We strive to create a space where you can relax while enjoying food and drink in a home-like atmosphere with a Japanese-style approach, in mind not only fine food but also careful service. We will deliver a sense of gratitude to our customers, good food and wonderful times that will make you a regular at the shop, so please come visit us when you are looking for a Teppanyaki shop.

The restaurant in Kitano Hakumeicho has a home-style atmosphere with a Japanese style

Okonomiyabu, which offers okonomiyaki as a popular izakaya in Kitano Hakumeicho, features an at-home Japanese-style and cozy coziness. It has been well received by local customers as a community-based shop, and many of the Teppanyaki dishes, which are original menus created from skilled technology and abundant knowledge, have been well received for reviews as being delicious. We offer a wide selection of dishes from Kyoto tofu okonomiyaki, specialty fluffy to grill, desserts such as chocolate sundae, and a la carte menu with seafood and mountain delicacies, so it is a shop that women and children can enjoy.
It is recommended as a place to spend an important time with important people in the setting, enjoying as a banquet, a date, entertainment, and a second party various scenes in the rental, as well as a meeting place and a women's association. You can enjoy peace of mind while tasting delicious food and liquor, so please do not hesitate to make a reservation if you have plans for a party or banquet.

A pub in Kitano Hakumeicho is a popular shop where you can taste the taste in a community-based style

In order to provide delicious dishes that satisfy guests who come to the store for singles, dating, women's meetings, entertainment, banquets, etc., we have baked iron plate dishes with the skill of skilled craftsmen. We offer a perfect dish for sake delicacies that can be served fresh with a simple soup seasoning such as Kyoto Tofu Okonomiyaki.
This is a community-based, at-home shop, and features a hideaway appearance that has been well received by customers who live in the neighborhood and who want to drink only for a return trip after work. There is also an à la carte menu other than iron-plate dishes such as Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki and green onions and monjayaki. If you are looking for a restaurant with a homely atmosphere, or if you are looking for a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious drinks with your friends, please do not hesitate to visit us.

A delicious teppanyaki restaurant a 5-minute walk from the nearest station of Gyofuku Electric Railway


Store name

Favorite restaurant Teppan

Street address

Kyoto Ward Kita Ward Ward General Shogun Kawabata 86-2

phone number
business hours

17:00 to 2:00

Regular holiday

Fixed holiday


横井 亮


Kitano Hakumeicho's izakaya's pub has a reputation for having a home-like atmosphere with a good night business, word-of-mouth food, and a plate menu specializing in creative cuisine and home-made iron plate dishes are popular, and all-you-can-drink and course dishes are convincing High repeat continues.
The reservation is a compact space of up to 24 people, with a table with a large iron plate and digging in one table, and is a shop based on the sum of charm, which is convenient for women's meetings and drinking parties.