Teppanyaki-acclaimed favorite restaurant is Region 1's highest repeat rate

A favorite restaurant where you can enjoy banquets, rentals, women's meetings and up to 24 people in a Japanese-style pub in Kitano Hakumei-cho, a cozy and cozy atmosphere, a selection of homemade teppanyaki dishes and carefully selected sake and draft beer・ We promise time of bliss with cocktail, soft drink.
It's easy to enter even at night, and we have always been looking for a relaxing teppanyaki style with a heart of hospitality on a plate. What you can get from interacting with customers of all ages is huge, and we will provide that feeling to the taste of the dishes and the good local sake of good throat.

Omakase course 1,500 yen + tax

An example of 1,500 yen course 4 people

・ Do-Khan and Omori salad

・ Dashi Maki

・ Sand

・ Raw Shibata music

・ Boiled soy sauce of Monko squid

・ Shrimp mayonnaise

・ Okonomiyaki mix

・ Dried Soba with pork

All-you-can-drink for even more! !

All-you-can-drink 90 minutes 1500 yen-(minus) course tax

Draft beer Chohai cocktail highball

Shochu fruit wine wine sake soft drink

Add an all-you-can-drink course to the price including tax!

1,500 yen + tax course + all - you - can - drink = 3,000 yen Pokkiri!

※ All-you-can-drink is limited to course customers.

Kitano Hakumeicho's Tavern offers nostalgic but new Okonomiyaki

The favorite restaurant is a traditional Japanese izakaya, with a friendly and lavish atmosphere that makes the most of Kyoto's current hometown. It is a well-known store with high reputation in the area as a night business shop that is open from 17:00, and it is an emotional full store with okonomiyaki and monjayaki as its main features. We have you choose as store where you can enjoy together with children in the family with a feeling of soft air that women's people can drop in without hesitation.
Banquets and loans are available and late hours are available. Banquet courses are also enriched, creative dishes of Teppanyaki are also prepared, and homemade single items are also popular. It is The shop is based on a sum of attractiveness in a compact space, and it is just the right size for drinking parties with friends.

Please relax to the last train as long as time permits at a pub in Kitano Hakumeicho

It is convenient to go to Nishi-Oji-dori, the Keifuku Electric Railway Kitano Line is convenient, and the JR San-in Line Ayano Line (Kyoto-Sonobe) Marumachi Station is also the nearest station, and the access is good from each station. You can use it before relaxing time. Many women's customers come to our store with peace of mind, with a peaceful, homely atmosphere that makes it a great place to relax until the end of the night, mainly from the business at 17:00.
There is a banquet course and all-you-can-drink, which can be reserved for up to 24 people, but if there is a customer's request etc. we will respond flexibly on HP and by telephone. Because there is a lot of taste of Kyoto nearby, how about sightseeing and food for traveling alone? We are looking forward to your visit to Nishi Ohji Dori area in the Kyoto-Kyogyo-ku area.

Kitano Hakumeicho Teppanyaki Izakaya is served with seasonal ingredients unique to Kyoto

The okonomiyaki homemade sauce, which has been tried and errored for many years, has been well received for its deep taste that can not be released elsewhere. The okonomiyaki of exquisite thickness and volume that the composition of powder and moisture was adjusted exquisitely is only about homemade sauce. It was said that foreigners danced on the source, and the flowers of the dried bonito were alive, and it became a feeling of discovering a new Japanese tradition.
The time when you enjoy freshly made on the large iron plate in front of you is the most fun as the owner. I also want to have everyone try it because other types of oysters are also popular and we will be able to handle the making of the bank. Many original single dishes are also available, and a new menu will be on display. An example of a course dish is a line of representative works of Teppanyaki, such as salad, Teppanyaki and Okonomiyaki.