Draft beer and high balls that are chilled to teppanyaki and okonomiyaki fit

The menu on the tavern of Kitano Hakumeicho is all reasonable, and there are only eating and drinking responses, so it is good to choose to surround your family's dinner, and you can spend a good and peaceful drink today. . The course dishes and all-you-can-drink set that also supports banquets and rentals are great value, and are also recommended when you want to drink with friends.
We offer soft drinks, as well as sake, shochu, high balls and cocktails from Kyoto, which have excellent compatibility with teppanyaki and okonomiyaki, so people who can not drink as well as those who like liquor and children Please come with peace of mind.

It is possible to fulfill the aspirations that girls like to gather and drink. There is a small private room with a small seating capacity of up to 24 people, and you can relax without worrying about each other. We accept reservations and banquets by reservation, offer course dishes with teppanyaki menu of the royal road in the original, and combine with all-you-can-drink with the all-you-can-drink option.
There are 30 sakes in Kyoto and many kinds of sake in Kyoto. Such as sake and draft beer, of course, also popular shochu, cocktails and fruit liquor for women, adult high ball is a combination I want you to enjoy according to okonomiyaki tonmonyaki. If it is nice to be able to stop by before going home at the station Chika, it spreads by word of mouth, and the number of customers who come to the store as a stop is increasing. You can also use Uber Eats, so please eat at home.