It can be enjoyed as if the bonito is dancing on the hot okonomiyaki

Speaking of the signboard menu of the pub and favorite place in Kitano Hakumeicho, it is okonomiyaki, and the source of the secret of the secret that the rich and mellow flavor to make it mature while adding is exquisite is the decisive factor. It is an original okonomiyaki with plenty of deep and deep homemade sauce that can not be sold elsewhere.
There is a skill in determining the degree of baking as much as the commitment to the dough, and it is a dish in which the skill of the cook shines very well as the teppan cuisine goes through the heat evenly throughout for the over-baked but soft texture. There is a rich assortment of single dishes, and many homemade dishes are reflected in the course menu.

The Japanese-styled exterior is marked by a wooden door with round windows, and the favorite restaurant is open where the Nishioji Road is located. We will create an original taste that is familiar to Kyoto by matching the old good dining room to the present-day Kyoto, and you can taste it at home before you go out.
It is a convenient place at the station Chika, and it is open from 17:00 to the next day at work return or dinner. With a seating capacity of up to 24 people, you can prepare diggings in the teppanyaki table seats in the semi-private room and use them for lending and banquets. You can reserve your seat on the website or by phone, and it can be used by children without hesitation. The course dishes are also home-made salads of Teppan-yaki dishes such as Teppan-yaki, Okonomiyaki, Yakisoba and Monjayaki. Drinks that fit the food menu are sake, shochu and highball. All-you-can-drink is also attached, and the whole menu is the best for a store with a good price setting. Please use all means.