We will deliver new information from the dining room under the generals' knees

You can see the latest information to deliver new menus and original homemade dishes from the taverns and okonomiyaki shops in Kitano Hakumeicho, and post up to the shop's introduction and new attempts such as the owner's attention and lively banquet scenery doing.
If it can be a reference such as a rental, etc. which gathers at the banquet, the second party, the girls' association, it will be useful for the reservation. We will make an article as soon as new brand birth and new menu come out, so please take advantage of the latest information and visit us.
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Okonomiyaki and Monjayaki Teppan dishes are popular in the station Chika's okonomiyaki, and the restaurant is well-regarded by the high voices of the area's No. 1 stores when it goes well with all-you-can-drink draft beer. The seats in the semi-private rooms can be prepared, and there are many for banquets and rentals, and they are used in various scenes. A Japanese-style modern door with a Kyoto-style round window is easy to enter in a stylish store stance marked by mark, and there is a digging seat provided with a sheet of iron plate per table, and it is a proud pride store for children. Uber Eats is also available as a standard and popular with students.
Including teppanyaki dishes and okonomiyaki and monjayaki which are also the signboard menu of the store, local materials of Kyoto and seasonal material dishes of various places are always new menus and have a reputation. The cost performance of reasonable and affordable menus such as teppanyaki, okonomiyaki, and various sake, shochu and high bowls in various places are evaluated and satisfy daily crowds.